Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Socrative Interactive Student Engagement for BYOD Mobile

Explore a new way to engage students using interactive quizzes and activities using Socrative. 

"Socrative holds incredible potential to capture real-time student or assessment data to inform instruction. With the emergence of Bring your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and mobile technologies in schools, Socrative uses the same digital tools students use outside the classroom for hours on end. The best part- it is free for teachers. Please read on and contemplate using this amazing and powerful app.” Emerging EdTech

How Socrative Works

Here is how Socrative works and why you should use it: Students go to the app store and download the free app to their phone or tablet. You – the instructor – go to the app store and download the app, which is also free. You will need to set up a profile and enter your room number at http://m.socrative.com/lecturer.

As the instructor, you’ll need to add and edit content. While this may seem like it would take an excessive amount of time, it moves very quickly once you get the hang of it. I like to copy-cut-paste quizzes from MS Word. There are some recent features like adding a picture and graded short answers that are worthwhile, but I want to get back to that idea of saving time!

First, as you edit content, you have three basic question types: multiple choice, True/False and short answer. These options really don’t need much explanation, other than knowing that they will offer you the option to grade your short answers (note that and the student submitted response has to be identical to what you enter.

Second, as you edit content remember, this app provides real-time feedback. Meaning, students will get a pretty good idea how they are doing. As a learning professional, it is valuable to put in an explanation for right/wrong answers, which for the purposes of graded formative work, is important.
This idea of real-time feedback is what really ramps up the level of student engagement with this app. Check out the videos below for more information or visit http://www.socrative.com.

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